WD Black Increased C0 (Power-off Retract count)

Hi All.
Periodically I can hear the sounds of a power outage. This is repeated every day 5-10 times in a row for one minute. At the same time in smart increases C0 and 0C parameters. What is most interesting. This does not depend on the load. This can happen in idle. Or maybe under load. I did a full stress test for 2 hours. And I didn’t cause an error. I changed the sata port and cable. Changed the power line. Nothing helps. I can’t reproduce the error.
What is it?

The SMART value #192: Power-off Retract count (0xC0)
is counted every time when the disk heads are loaded off the media = every time when the HDD is unsafe powered down. But also during sleep or idle when the heads parking isn’t performed in standard way (seems to be problem of firmware = try to update it).
Follow your description:

  • you can hear of a sounds of power outage. Power outage of what? I’m curious. How did you hear/recognize it?
  • repeated every day 5-10 times in a row for one minute
  • your #192 is increasing its value. What is your value now?
    What is a Part Number of the disk?

thank U for Your answer.

  1. you can hear of a sounds of power outage. I hear start/stop motor and sound of parking heads.
  2. C0 = 1939
    0C = 2001
    C1 = 243

s/n = WD-WMC6N0M643LV
id = WDC WD2003FZEX-00SRLA0

Power-off retract count (192, 0xC0) = 1939
Power cycle count (12, 0x0C) = 2001
Load/Unload cycle count (193, 0x0C1) = 243

seems to be strange when 192 (PoRC) is so different from 193(LCC)
even LCC is less than PoRC. strange. And finally PCC is so high vs LCC.
So, it’s a time for HDD firmware update. Then watch for the changes. Because smart people use backup, then you don’t need to be worried about data.

Thank you very much.

I’ll try. And write heare later.

I can’t find any firmware udate for desktop WD Black 3.5 on site https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?lang=en#firmware

There is no firmware for internal hdd :frowning: