WD Black FZEX model loud noise on beginning DataLifeGuard Test

Hello everyone

few days ago i get another WD black 3TB, FZEX model

just to make sure there not deffect on the drive, so before using it, i use DLG v1.28 several times

when i do either short test and extended test, few seconds in beginning, the drive giving loud fan/grinding noise

the noise is like when we turn GPU fans to 100%

it last few seconds since start and it back to normal working sound

is that normal ?

compared to few years old WD black FAEX 1TB i have, it producing similar sound, but much lower noise

so the new FZEX is like twice or even 3x time louder

other than the test, the drive is working silent enough, at least not much different than old FAEX

Other else is that the drive temp is like 2-4℃ hotter than old FAEX…

while this quite understable, as the 1TB FAEX maybe only 2 platter, 3TB FZEX seems 4platter so more heat it produce

so if the old FAEX is around 38-43℃… FZEX is like 40-44℃ (reach 47℃ on long 6hours extended test)

should i worried about the DLG test noise and the temp ?

or above is normal?

thanks in advance

The temp seems normal… But the sound that the drive produces on your explanation seems not normal indeed…

Is the drive well atached to the computer case?

ok i tried to record the sound

well i use smartphone voice recorder, so its not clear and kinda skipping

but please take a hear : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0qJb50uxXkz

the noise i mean is, few secs after start(u should hear mouse click) @4secs thru 25secs

is those noise normal when performing test with DLG?

on another note, it seems somehow the noise now is not as as loud as few first test (few days ago)

but still a tad louder than FAEX

maybe it just fresh/new mechanical parts warming up for first time ?