Wd black errors?

Hi ive just decided to use my WD BLACK  drive again , i parked it up as it had errors ive just plugged it back in a scanned it with HDDSCAN  and the errors are are still the same but like before im unsure if these errors are RMA Acceptable ? so can someone advise me and what  ishould do please .


Hi Rogert,

If the drive is still under warranty and you don’t trust it because of the errors you are receiving, I would go ahead and RMA the drive. The error listing is for uncorrectable errors so I would probably replace the drive. I included a link below on how to RMA a drive under warranty.

Create an RMA


Thanks for your reply , the thing i dont understand is with crystaldiskinfo and the hddscan it gives the same error code and values but has a warning against it , yet Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics gives the same values but has OK against it so this is where i left wondering is it safe to use as a main drive with my operating system on , the drives in warrenty till 2016 but if WD-DLG  says its ok would it eligible to be changed through warrenty .

thanks and happy new year too you

Crystaldiskinfo may have a different threshold where it considers a drive ‘failing’ the SMART that what Data Lifeguard (DLG) does. Even if the drive is fine in DLG, you can still RMA the drive as long as it is under warranty. The drive doesn’t have to fail our DLG software in order to be eligible for replacement.

How to get an RMA:


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