Wd black dual drive not detecting 1tb hdd section

Hi. Just purchased a WD Black2 Dual Drive…I’ve successfully cloned Windows 8.1 from my previous hard disk to the SSD section, and it boots fine.

Just when I attempt to load the software for the 1TB section of the unit it stops saying it “cannot detect the WD Black2 Dual Drive. Completion code 0.”

Its a HP ENVY m6-1117tx notebook. Only 12 months old.

Any advice?

Hi Jordx78. Error code 0 usually means that the software can’t detect the Black2 drive in the system. A lot of times this has to do with the BIOS set to RAID mode. I would check your BIOS settings and make sure that it is set to AHCI. Note that changing this setting may make Windows unbootable and you may need to re-install Windows since AHCI uses a different driver than RAID.

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Thank you for your reply,

I have no option to turn RAID on or off in the Startup Options menus. No selection for AHCI/IDE/RAID.

It would appear that this dual drive is incompatible with my system. Also updated system BIOS to latest version to see if the feature had been added to the menus, which was not the case. GRRR!!!

I have tried enabling the CSM by setting the Startup Options to Legacy and not EFI. (Had to re-install windows 8).

No success in detection. Confirming your diagnosis.

Is there some way that a product return can be authorized in this circumstance?  I have just blown $300 on a drive that is not compatible with my system. And as the product is marketed towards end users performing their own upgrades…

One would think that WD would provide (in addition to the lovely video clips of Meghan installing a dual drive)- a system check tool to check for system hardware compatibility - prior to purchase???


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