Wd black drive and wd blue sshd

I have a WD BLUE 4TB SSHD and for some reason I keep getting blue screen of death but does reboot on it;s own. I was wondering if I should just replace it with a WD BLACK 6TB hard drive instead. Suggestions would be helpful

Hi nyirishman1877,

Yes, you can go for WD Black as it is the performance oriented harddrive. Moreover, it does have a large cache memory too that will make it perform faster. However, this is an internal drive so it would generate a bit heat and makes more noise as compare to the drive which you are using. All over, its a good internal hard drive with faster performance.

What about WD blue hard drive??

Kevin Reith

Hi nyirishman1877,

Well WD Blue drive is basically for the storage purpose. However, this is slower than the WD Black drive and WD Blue SSHD. You can refer to the link below to know more about the drive.


I might just buy a 1TB SSD to install windows on and get a WD black to store files and pictures on it. Would this be better?

Also I have 2 extra bays. Should I buy another hard drive and can i have it copy off of the first hard drive like aback up?