WD Black Doc and Information, Advanced Formatting


I just purchased a WD5001FZWX WD Black.
It came with no user manual and I can’t find one online. Ok fine, but on the package it says:

“Advanced format drives require additional installation steps. Please check your drive label and follow the instructions there for installation” (there are none). “For more information on advanced format please visit www.wdc.com/advformat” (this site seems very out of date and the WD Alignment Utility tool it says you need isn’t available (no matter how you answer the questions).

Do I need this WD Alignment Utility? Where do I get it?

Is there a manual somewhere I just can’t find?

An additional snafu is that I get an ‘internal error’ when I try to register it… I presume something is down and
it should work another day.

I plan to clone my current 2.0 TB drive onto this drive.


– Thor

Hi Thor,

Unless you are installing on Windows XP, your OS now most likely (unless you are using another old OS) handles advanced formatted drives.

Thank you O Great Scott. Windows 7 machine. Glad to hear it. They should update that web page since it is referred to on the packaging and caused me great cornfusion.

Thanks Again!

– Thor