WD Black 750GB shows 1.99PB available

I recently picked up a WD7500BPKX (750GB, 7200 rpm, 2.5 inch) drive to use in an external enclosure. Initialized the drive and then formatted through disk management (Win 10). Used quick format and exFAT for the file system (it was the only option in the dropdown anyway). The drive seemed to format normally and came up as a healthy partition.

The only strange thing was that the capacity shows as 1.99PB of free space. Tried reformatting with quick format again, normal format, and even changing to NTSF through cmd. Everything through disk management went fine, but again returned 1.99 petabytes of space. The cmd attempt for NTSF kept failing because of an error on the volume name regardless of what I used. Tried formatting from another computer (also running Win 10) and had the same results.

I can move files to the drive, but if I look at the properties of a folder the “size” and “size on disk” are vastly different (eg 33.5GB and 193GB respectively). Mind you, I would love to be the recipient of an experimental 2 petabyte consumer drive, but really just want to get this to provide and accurate representation of reality.

Since you have nothing on this drive, unless you are an Apple user, might a low level format (write zero) be worth a try? I believe the WD download cloning software can do this.

A friend also recommended writing zeros to the boot sectors. You were both spot on. Used WDLG for the quick write and then reformatted. It worked wonderfully. Thanks for the suggestion, Larry!