WD Black 4TB - Cannot format or assign a drive Letter


I ordered and received two WDC WD4004FZWX-00GBGB0 drives from amazon for a new computer build. The drives are not my “C” drive and I intend to use them for storage. After installing windows 10 pro, I went into disk management to format and assign drive letters to the two drives. I was able to perform the function on one but not the other. I do not have any options available when I right click on the drive. I have also tried using the command prompt, selecting disk 2, running “clean”, and then trying to assign a letter. It still does not work and reverts back to what you see on the screenshots. These were brand new drives so I am not sure how one received a partial GTP Protective partition.

Does anyone have any ideas on what else I might try. I do not want to go through the process or trying to return it unless it is completely unusable.

Hi Sean_O,

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support

Create a Support Case
Create a support case with our world-class service and support team.


Thank you for the links to the live support. I figured it out today after some troubleshooting of my own.

Problem Solved:

I will post my solution here, hopefully it can help others.

I powered down my PC and unplugged the healthy drive SATA Cable from HD 1 and plugged it into HD 2 (HD 2 was not working correctly). I then turned my computer on and noticed that windows recognized HD 2 as an unassigned drive now. I used the windows Disk Management tool to partition the drive and assign it a letter and path. I then turned my computer off and unplugged HD 2 from the HD 1 SATA cable and plugged everything back in the way I had it. I booted windows and went into file explorer and behold, the two WD NDs were recognized.

Not sure of the cause, but it is fixed now, and I do not have to worry about returning one. I plan to run them in a RAID 1 configuration for my documents and photos.

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.
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