WD Black 2TB Defective?

Had to upgrade my 1TB drive and i really wanted to go with a WD Black due to the really great reviews and the 5 year warranty. I got it about 5 days ago and i went through reinstalling Windows 10 and getting everything set back up as i use an SSD for Windows and the hard drive for data. On Sunday i had restarted my computer after installing the Realtek HD Audio Driver. When i got to my desktop i noticed some of my icons looked broken. Upon further investigation i noticed my brand new WD Black 2TB drive wasn’t mounted. I went into the drive management and it wasn’t there. Restarted my computer and it showed up. Yesterday i was restarting it again and it was gone. I could not get it to show up, tried different sata ports, different sata cables and nothing. I turned my computer completely off and then turned it on, the drive showed back up. After using it for a bit i started to notice the sounds of a dying hard drive. It sounded like i had a 10 year old drive in my computer, i can hear this over my fans and even my space heater that’s next to my desk. Like a grinding hard drive that is really old. It was manufactured in September of this year and i’m the very first person to use it. I’ve tried the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, HD Tune Pro and Hard Disk Sentinel to test the health and everything seems fine to me. Should i just do an RMA with WD? Is there a way to check if it is defective? The disappearing is worrying me but the noises are what are bothering me the most. Every time i hear it i feel like it’s about to die


Figured i should add in my system specs

Windows 10 Home x64
MSI Z-170A Krait Gaming
Intel Core i5 6600k
Kingston 16GB DDR4
Samsung 850 EVO 512GB
WD Blue 1TB Drive
WD Black 2TB Drive (The new one that is giving me grief)


See if the following link helps to identify

If the sound is not normal, try creating a case with support

I think i’m going to go ahead and do an RMA on it. The noise just doesn’t sound normal to me. Thank you for your help! :smile: