WD Black 2TB buzzing noise on shutdown

Hello all,

I recently picked up the aforementioned drive and put it in my new build for media. 3 or 4 days after I put it in the drive makes a buzzing (grinding?) noise on shutdown. The drive performs normally and nothing abnormal, sounds or otherwise, occur during start up, or when the PC is running. However every time I shut the PC down, right as everything is powering down, ‘BZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzew’ for a few seconds.

I know when a mechanical drive starts making odd noises it’s never a good thing. Is this thing about to fail? I just picked it up last week so I could easily swap it out.


Thanks for all the responses! (Sarcasm)

Apparently this is a well known issue with these drives, with no concrete answer from WD or anyone else as to what the cause is.

This thing is going back. TIme to switch to a new HDD brand I guess.