WD Black 2 TB Raid0


i got 2 new wd black with together About 4 TB in a Raid0 running. Is it normal that these drives are making some noise when shutting down the Computer? Are they slowing down the platters and the read and write head back to the starting Position? Or what can this be? If i am making a reboot this sound isn’t hearable. Also another Question. Is there a IRST Driver (Intel) for the Raid Controller which hasn’t this bug that prevents the HDD Shutdown after a couple of time. (Energie Options in Win10)
Sorry for my english…

Greets from the Lamb


The ‘noise’ heard is due to a feature used to prevent disturbances in media lube due to prolonged dwelling at a single location. This is common for HDD suppliers as a preventive activity for reliability. Normal operation typically forces seek away and the seek noises heard are expected. During moments of idle, there is less activity and the unexpected sound is more noticeable (Approximately every 5 seconds). Directly attaching the drive to a metal chassis can amplify this occurrence to make the hard drive more audible.

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