WD Black 2 TB keeps making loading noises even though nothing is using it

So ive had this issue with another drive I had to RMA, where the hard drive constantly makes this noise like its loading something or is in use despite not being used. the sound is constant every 3-5 seconds and persistent it doesnt shut up at all. I used the quick test with the wd software and the drive passes the test and it seems to function fine. but is disconcerning when a drive thats been completely silent when idle suddenly wont shut up its really annoying.

Does anyone have a similar issue / solution before I start another RMA?


See if the following link helps.

I just posted a similar topic regarding a brand new 4TB black drive I only installed today and I’m getting the same symptoms.

Annoying loud chunk/thunk drive activity sounds every 5 seconds of so and constantly during idle.

I’m not happy at all with for the amount I paid and I’m most likely steering towards a complete refund as I don’t trust these black drives to be quiet during idle.

ive tried 3 different black’s and they all do the same thing, you can try
windows power management settings to force the drive to turn off but that
doesnt always work.in the future im gonna look for a nas solution and only
have ssd’s in my physical desktop