WD Black 2 Dualdrive: Restoring the System with Acronis WD-Edition failed


I tried to restore Windows 7 on my black2 dual drive ssd-Partition with the WD-Acronis software. The system was set up als C:\ (OS=Windows 7) on the SSD partition (primary partition) and on the hard drive three data partitions

After loading the image of C: the Acronis software started processing and rebooted. This resulted in the message “NTLDR missing”. I found no way to escape this problem. Trying to restore Windows with the Windows CD failed.

The reason became clear when I started a fresh installation with the Windows CD: The partition tableshowed that Acronis had renamed the  first data partition of the HD  drive into system partition c:\ and the former c:\partition (the SSD) had become unallocated space. After allocating it in the Windows set up  as primary partition,  Windows could be installed without loosing the data on the three partitions on the HD-part of the drive. As a final step the letters for the partitions had to be put back  to the desired values (C:\ for the System Partition (SSD-part) and B:, D:, E:\ for the tree data partitions on the hard disk part of the drive.

Apparently, at least in my case, the WD-Acronis backup is not working as promised and caused me a lot of extra work. Is there any similar experience or solution?


I believe it would be better to contact support directly in order to get assistance with this issue.

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