WD Black 2 badly formatted

For a formatting error instead of separating ssd and hdd it sees one unique 1120 Gb one.
How I can separate the ssd from hdd?

You will need to perform a low level format on the drive. This means writing zeroes to every sector of the drive. This will separate the SSD partition from the HDD partition. Use this link for instructions on how to perform the low level format.

I tried but without results. When the low level format reached the end it said failed. Please help me

Sorry for the delay. Are you doing the low level format on the drive with it connected on the USB cable or directly connected to the SATA connection on the computer. You need to do it on the SATA connection.

Thanks! Everything gone right! After initializing I could install the software and the partion has been created. Now I try to install it on the new computer. Sorry for my english, Google Translator isn’t perfect.

New problem: when I use Acronis WD Edition to clone the disk, it desn’t see the partition. Here’s a screen of Acronis. Disco 1 is the old hard disk, Disco 2 is the WD Black 2. As you can see the WD disk is a 1000TB one. Windows instead sees the partition correcly. How to solve this?