WD Black 2.5 750GB (WD7500BPKX) vs 1TB (WD10JPLX)


I have question about difference between those 2 drives.
I bought 3 years ago 4 disks WD7500BPKX and connect them in Raid Controller. Everything is working properly.
I bought 2 days ago 4 disks WD10JPLX and I have problem with them with RAID (Raid sees disks but I have error than disks are failed).

I was looking for this kind of problem in google, and I found info about potentially problem with TLER and tool WDTLER.

Who can help me in this case?

Hi neomikemac,

Both the drives are same. Most probably the new drives are bad and you should replace them.

1TB drives are working properly on other raid controller - so this is
compatibility problem.