WD Black 1tb Internal HD Performance Mechanical/Position Installing


Would you please be so kind as to assist me?

As noted above, I have WD Black 1TB Performance installed that I just purchased. Is it bad to place the HD upside down? HD enclosure in my PC does not give me any other option with these models.

Will this WD Black drive function normally if they are mounted upside down (Electronic parts on the top - Sticker down).

Also, could you please inform me if idle temperatures of 38-41 Celsius are in normal range?

Thank you so much for your consideration in helping me with these two issues.



Mounting a 3/5″ hard drive horizontally, vertically, or sideways doesn’t affect the hard drive life significantly.
WD drives will function normally whether they are mounted sideways or upside down (any X, Y, Z orientation)

Thank you very much for your response and help. I do appreciate it.

Do you happen to know if idle temperatures of 38-41 Celsius are in normal range or should I consider adding a cooling fan attached to the drive? I have my PC on most of the day, lite work, no gaming. Thank you kindly.


Hey, I really wanted to thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot personally

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