WD Black 1tb Internal Drive SMART data/enclosure question


Would you please be so kind as to assist me?

I recently purchased 3 new WD Black 1TB Performance internal hard drives and another one is on its way for delivery. I installed all of them individually, tested with Dashboard Utility long test, no errors found, drive healthy. Can not generate report. Also run Hard Disk Sentinel with Performance/health 100%.

All hdd’s are identical, and I am concerned about SMART data vallues #3:
3 Spin Up Time 21 178 172 2091
Here the data 2091 keeps going up daily by 300-400 +.
All other SMART values are perfect.
I would like to know if this is normal because it is an issue of motor/bearings problem. Do these data values settle down since these are brand new hard drives, or should I be concerned that they can reach the threshold value in a short period of time?

My second question may sound silly, but my PC had WD Blue 1tb Internal drive. As mentioned above, I have WD Black 1TB Performance installed, . Is it bad to place a HDD upside down? HD enclosure does not give me any other option with these models.

Will WD Black drives function normally if they are mounted upside down (Electronic parts on the top)?

Thank you so much for any advise you might provide me with.