Wd Black 1TB HDD

 I am in the process of building a new PC for my collage courses & some heavy gaming so i have done alot of reading on all of the color levels of WD HDD & I am going with the WD Black 1TB for my main HDD in my new build .I will need high preformance & it must be able to handle all of the many different data that i will have to store on my HDD so i am going to buy the 1TB Black It was designed for high preformance & heavy duty storage I have used WD HDD’s eversince 1998 & i wouldn’t put no other brand of HDD into a PC of mine or any i may repair for someone if they come to me & thier pc has a bad HDD in it IT WILL BE REPLACED WITH A WD i have had only one 40 GB that i ordered new that was DOA & WD had me another replacement in just 3 days & i have been sold on WD eversince


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