WD Black 1TB HD

So, i had this guy for less than a year, and no problems, then all of a sudden out of no-where. BAM! stops working getting all kinds of random errors for what’s wrong. no idea. i tried everything to figure it out, i even tried the trusty old put in reinstall disk delete partition re-partition format re-load drivers end-all. and now it won’t even load to the hard drive. there are no errors that my tech friends and i can see, so i sent it in…going through the crazy task of finding the necessary materials to send it in. Wouldn’t’cha know it. just got it back all excited to have a working hard drive from a company i had trusted and stuck with for years. only to find out that there is an arrow pointing to two miniscule so hard to see that i didn’t notice indentations where I plugged in the cables. that’s it…warranty voided. I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if i had been notified something was wrong, or if maybe they had said to themselves. “yeah, this is clearly not the reason the HD stopped working. let’s fix this anyway since he is a loyal customer”…NO, just sent it back in a box unprotected unlike how i had to send it in. no email. no call. nothing… Thank you WD. I appreciate you too. and that is my rant for latest experience with this product. Never again.

I can’t comment on the claimed “defect”, but it sounds weak. Can you post photos?

Sending YOUR drive back to you completely unprotected is absolutely unacceptable. Post photos of that here too please.

Where abouts are you?

There have been complaints here of service bases in certain regions trying to pull this sort of thing and the guys here have sorted it out.