WD Black 10TB internal HDD temp

My PC has an SSD for the OS - Windows 10 and two regular HDDs for data; a WD Blue 2TB (5400RPM) which I’ve had for a few years and a newly installed WD Black 10TB HDD.

According to CrystalDiskInfo, the Blue runs at temperatures around mid-30s C whereas the Black hovers around the 48-52c mark. I recently had it running continiously for about 2 weeks whilst backing up data to the cloud & it never rose above 53c, still within it’s max operating range of up to 55c according to WD’s specs but I’d expect this to rise as it gets warmer in the summer…

I am intending to install a fan at the rear of the case (a Corsair Air240) to extract air from the HDD enclosure.

I presume I’m right in assuming though that Black drives do run hotter ?

Also it appears to never spin down?

I’m not sure if the same is true for the Blue as it’s so quiet I cant tell it’s spinning even when i know it is! I’ve tried changing the time the HDD turns off in Power Settings (advanced) but this seems to have no effect on either drive.

Hi @LesC,

Please refer to the article on SSD Temperature in relation to WD_BLACK devices and Dashboard:

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Mine’s a regular HDD, not an SSD …

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Bra learn to read! He said HDD Not SSD