WD Black 1.5TB---disappointed

I bought my 1st WD drive in 12 years last year. The spec looked good, newegg review looked good and I kept reading good reviews on WD’s quality. So I figure I will give it a shot. I bought the WD Balck 1.5TB from newegg. It started OK. Working normal. However it constantly made a large clicking noise. So I used HDTune to check it out. Seems OK at the moment. I used the drive mainly for backup so it rarely saw any operation in my PC. Until a few weeks ago. My old seagate 7200.11 finally died. I then starting to use the WD drive as my new system disk. Installing win 7, installing software. Everything looked fine until last Friday. Out of no where it will not boot. I waited for about 2 hours and it finally let me into desktop. And then it became worse. I could’t access 3 out of my 4 volumes on the drive!  Used HDTune to check it. Got 4 SMART warnings: Spin retry, Pending Sector Count, Raw Read Error and unallocated sectors. Bascically. I lost all my data on the drive. I am really disappointed in the qulity.  One year of life span is intolerable.

Currently in the RMA process. I will update later about that how does that go. If the RMAed drive does the same, then I will stay away from WD forever.

Well, averages are averages…  Someone has to get the short end…  ;). I’m on the long end so far.  Ive had a 1TB black in my desktop for over five years and still going strong,   It has my windows paging file on it and lots of media, so it’s always being “exercised…”