Wd backup

Sorry my bad english. My problem is simple, but I can’t resolve it.

Description of WD Smartware has a text:


Protect your data automatically—Automatic, continuous backup instantly makes a copy whenever you add or change a file.

Note: Automatic backup protection is continuous for as long as your My Passport drive is connected to your computer. Then, whenever you disconnect and reconnect the drive to your computer, the WD SmartWare software rescans your computer for new or changed files and resumes automatic, continuous backup as before. "

I have change pictures on my internal hd, and see nothing changing in WD Smartware folder.

I try to do backup copy again, and no differences bettween backup copy and my internal disc folder.

I am not sure that this program realy makes backup.

Thank you for help


Hi, follow the link below to review the steps to start your first backup, you might be missing something.


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