WD Backup vs. WD Smartware

Greetings. In a recent update to WD Smartware, I found that a new backup program had been installed with an icon placed on my desktop labeled “WD Backup”. I used it for about a month and did not like it because of the lack of control it gave me and the lack of visibility of the files being backed up. I discovered that the old WD Smartware was still in my WD Folder (Windows 10) and I have started using it. My question is- WD Backup is in my computer’s startup folder to run automatically when I power on my computer. Will WD Backup create a ssecond backup of my files, or will it recognize WD Smartware and not creat a second set of backups? Also (and I think tnhis a dumb question) Do I need to leave the WD Smartware window open in order for it to backup, or may I close the window?

I sincerely thank you for you time in assisting a senior citizen trying to keep up with things LOL

Hi, let me see if I can provide some information.

The WD Smartware and the WD Backup and two different software and they will back up your computer independently. If you didn’t like the WD Back, you may uninstall it from your computer.

You can close the window, the software will work in the background.