WD backup through USB hub?


I’ve got a MyPassport 2627 drive. It works just fine; however, I don’t seem to be able to set up WD Backup to work when the device is connected through a USB hub. I’ve switched to a laptop as my main device, and I plug it into and out of a hub regularly; connecting a second device every time is cumbersome, and connecting it only once in a while makes the idea of regular backups pointless. I can access the drive quite fine through the hub; so why can’t the backup program?

Sounds like your hub isn’t strong enough to run the disk

But I’m able to access the disk just fine and back up anything manually - it’s just WD Backup that can’t find it :thinking:

Ohh, I see… So, this page states that the support for this application has ended, so that could be a problem with your machine or just the software dying

You could maybe try with another machine

Thanks a lot! I downloaded Acronis True image, as suggested in your link, and it works great!