WD Backup Status Unknown

Once I start the backup, it is impossible to tell if it is running or not. There is nothing that provides a status of what is backing up or what has backed up. There is nothing that gives a percentage of how much as backed up, or how much is left. Nothing indicates if the backup is even running. How can I tell what the status is?

How are you taking backup? And which tool are you using for data backup?

I am using WD Backup which is in my opinion a terrible product. I have worked in Information Technology for over 30 years and have installed an awful lot of software in that time and have configured backups on numerous systems. Quite frankly, I gave up and bought a different program. I’m only sorry that I wasted so much time trying to get your product to work.

Did you check after the reinstall of updated version of WD Backup software (Version: 1.9.6698) in computer?