WD Backup software - Backup of Data files

I am running the latest version of WD Backup software, downloaded from the WD website. Will the WD Backup software create new backup of files to My Book 8TB external drive if no change or new files have been created or changed on the source drive? I have it setup for hourly backups, but after the initial backup which took almost 2 days to create, no new backup files have been created on my 8 TB My Book external drive. But then I have not created anything new on the source drive. Selecting the ‘Backup Now’ button from the software, does not appear to start a new round of backup files. I seem to get no response or message. Is this ‘normal’? Is the software just automatically set to only run and create a new backup, only when it detects new or changed files on the source drive? Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


You seem to be having correct results. Be careful of hourly backups, although you don’t seem to be very active. To confirm that you have backups, open WD Backup and select Restore at the top. Ignore selecting backup location. Just click on “Select Files to Restore”. Give it time and it will show a list of backups and dates in the right pane. Then in the left pane the folders and files backed up.


Thanks for the response. I will give that a try.