WD Backup Setup, No Backup targets found

WD Backup Setup, Select your WD storage device…, No Backup targets found, Rescan. I can see the My Passoprt (D: ) in Windows 10 File Explorer and can see and select Install Discovery. Installing the App WD Backup fails to find the 2 TB WD My Passport SSD Part #: WDBKVX0020PSL it just got the installation files from when locating a drive to put the backup files on.


Hi RickLaney,

Did you follow the steps mentioned in below article for this concern?

No Target Found or Drive Offline in WD Backup

I’m having the same issue. The referenced article "A Current WD Backup Plan fails with Target Missing or (Drive Offline) is for current WD backup plan. But to have a backup plan you must have first completed WD Backup Setup! Can you offer a solution that addresses the inability to setup WD Backup because of “No backup targets found”?

I am having the same issue. I cannot install my new MyBook. The install wizard responds ‘no backup targets found.’ Has anyone found a real solution?