WD BackUp PLUG IN Setup MSI will not update


The download bar is stuck at the half position for 2 hours and I can’t cancel it. Also, WD Utilities needs to be re-installed and that will not work. Best, jolhoss

You can force shut down the computer and try to re-install the WD Backup on the computer. If still the issue persists, that means it is a specific system issue on which you are trying to install the software.

If you use Windows Environment based Computer, refer to the link mentioned below:

If you are using MacOS environment based Computer, refer to the link mentioned below.

Thank You ! I THINK everything is solved as the data in File History doubled, I have only 8% storage in My Passport and I now have Backup and Utilities on my desktop.

Calling Customer Service was useless.

Can you tell me if it is safe to update firmware ? Can I safely start the whole installation process again without losing my files and folders ?

Best, jolhoss