WD backup only for one PC?


I installed WD backup (which came with my MyBookWorldEdition) first on my notebook, no problem. Later I installed it on my daughter’s notebook (we are on the same home network). WD backup is installed there as a trial version for 30 days. Can I only use this software for one PC? Do I need to buy licenses for every other PC connected to the same NAS?

The My Book World should come with 5 licenses for the WD Anywhere Backup software. The software activates itself by scanning the network and finding the drive. When it finds the drive, it then unlocks itself. Are you installing the version from the CD? If so, I would recommend that you download and install the latest version of the software from our Product Registration page. If you are using the latest version and still have an issue, make sure that you have any firewalls or security software disabled that may prevent the software from finding the drive. Then reboot the computer and see if it finds the unit. Please see the link below for our Product Registration page.

Product Registration


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After a while the 30 days notice disappeared by itself. So I guess at that moment it was able to scan the drive.

Anyway it’s all pretty strange.