WD Backup never installed to Mac - please advise :)

I am trying to set up my new WD Passport on an old Macbook laptop. I recognizes the drive when I plug it in and lets me installl WD Apps for Mac - but the only apps it gives me is WD Utilities and WD Security. I can’t find WD Backup.

My Internet isn’t working (the laptop is old, that’s why I am trying to back it up so I don’t lose all my files before it dies completely) so I can’t install it from the website. Why do you think this is happening? Any advice?

Am I just completely missing something here? Because the instructions don’t tell any other way to find the program to make this work. Help please! :slight_smile:

Hello there,

WD Backup is a Windows only software when it comes to Mac’s, it is better to use time machine which is integrated to the Mac OS system.

How do make that work though? The instructions talk about WD Backup and don’t explain how to use Time Machine.


Please check this link see if ti helps: