WD Backup - My Passport Drive Not Backing Up

Hello Everyone,

I am dire need of a solution on how I can regain back the functionality of strong textWD Backup tool/software. I’ve clicked the ‘Backup Now’ option a million times in that said software but none happened. The current version of the software is 1.9.6883.7282 .The steps that I’ve done so far are:

*uninstalled/re-installed the WD Security, WD Utilities, and WD Backup with the latest or updated software in the website
*I’ve uninstalled the WD Quickview and didnt reinstall it as I dont see any helpfulness of that tool
*Reformatted the drive
*Tried different USB ports
*Deleted the security Password or login to the drive
*Set a scheduled for hourly backup, but it didnt initiate
*Created a new backup plan, but still it didnt work

I also noticed that even when I unlock the drive, WD Backup tool is still displaying that the drive is locked, and even when I removed the password on it, it detected as offline. Its insane! None seems to be working as of this moment and I dont know what to do now. I have to backup my Windows 10 x64 computer. I am getting frustrated now.

Please help me. Thank you.