WD Backup - missed continuous backup option


I have bought My Passport Ultra with WD Backup to perform backups continuosly. When I installed that software I realized there is not that option. I wanted to find the solution of the problem, so I looked for any info on the website’ WD. I have found anything. I have tried to download WD SmartWare because on the website’WD there is info about that option, but for my disk there is not possibility to download the software. 

Could you help me with my problem? 

My model: WDBBKD0020BBL-EESN

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Try this link.

It’s the updater, but I think it will install Smartware if you don’t have it.

But the MyPassport isn’t designed to be permanently connected, hence the recommendation to use WD Backup instead, which is designed as you say for specifically triggered backup instead more like MS Backup. Smartware continuous backup will need the MP always connected, and will need to be stopped before you will be able to safely remove the MP (as Smartware will probably have files open on the MP during the continous backup that would block safe removal).

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I thought that I perform one version of backup like a copy per a week, and I work on my buisness laptop at home in the evenings, and My Passport will be connected to WiFi router with USB as a storage. My Passport has the option, after 10 min switches to sleepy mode, and I thought that If I connect it at 7 p.m. to the router and I will connect my laptop to WiFi at 9 p.m. WD Backup do the second backup(always changable) thanks to continuous backup mode. 

About the safe removal, how it works on WD SmartWare? If I open files I won’t safe remove my disc? I should to wait a sec, as you mention to finish backup, right?

Smartware can’t back up to a router-connected MyPassport. The only networked drives that it can back up to are “proper” NAS drives such as the MyCloud series. It can of course be used as normal storage that way though, and may work with WD Backup that way (I’ve never tried it, as I use Smartware to a MyCloud Mirror for backup).

For the other part - any USB-connected drive or stick will not be safely removable if there are files open on it in a running program or service. Basically ensuring that all files are closed on the drive is what the safe part means, so that there is no (or at least minimised) risk of file system corruption on the USB drive which can easily occur if it is removed when files are open and/or being written to.

If you are using Smartware with continuous backup onto a connected MyPassport, you will almost certainly have to stop the backup and allow it to close off any files that it was reading or writing before you can successfully achieve a safe removal (it will instead warn you that files are open on the drive and it is not removable at this time). It’s physically disconnecting the drive at times like this which often leads to corruption issues and the drives even to become unreadable.

Ok, I understand all of that, but I have problem to understand, why I can’t download WD SmartWare PRO, I have bought the newest version of My Passport Ultra. Owners older version have WD SmartWare PRO on their disc and they also can download WD Backup which has less option to backup :frowning:

Tthe link from you give possibility only to update but do not install on ma computer WD SmartWare  PRO.

You don’t install Pro - you install and get a code from WD which unlocks the pro features (at least if memory serves correctly). The link I sent you should install the basic version, and you then use the code (either supplied when you register your WD device if appropriate, or from a purchase of it) to upgrade.

Hehe I feel the end of my whole problem :slight_smile:

I have registered my WD device but I do not know how get the activate code to WD SmartWare PRO. 

If it’s an eligable device, then it should come by email via the address you used to register.

Offhand I don’t remember if the MyPassport is such a device or not - I have a MyCloud Mirror as well which is one so I have Pro via that.

Give it a little while and if nothing appears then check your email spam block folders, and if nothing there then contact WD. I recall there have been problems in the past with receiving such upgrade emails, but I don’t remember details.

Ok, thank you very much for everything. I will try to contact with WD.