WD Backup Engine High CPU Usage

WD Backup Engine runs continuously using ~25% CPU capacity.  Cooling fan runs continuously, too.  Using WD Smartware Pro version 2.4.10 with My Passport external drive.

Is there any way to reduce CPU usage for this app.?


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The application should go into an idle/passive scanning mode after the first backup is completed. Another alternative is to switch the backup engine from continuous to scheduled.

I have the same problem, as so many other users, but I do not have seen a satisfactory answer yet. Responses like “it should go into idle” is not helpful, as it doesn’t. Also, a backup engine is no good (these days) if you have to set it on “scheduled”. With tons of of other hardware and software out there, I would expect better.

Can WD please provide a solution to this. 



I have the same problem with Windows 10. Never before
It seems that when some files are not saved, the first backup never completed and the apllication never go into idle passive.
For me it is a bug !!! I am manager in software devlopment and I confirm that.
The requirement for continous saving is not running !!! It’s a fact !!!
The given solution is running after waiting a moment but it is not à realy good solution because the software product is not performing what it should.
You understand that we (customers) expexted more from WD and I ask you for a new delivery of your software please (if you want we continue to buy your products).

Best regards

Same issue here. I am not going to be using WD Backup anymore. I will go to the cloud.

Hi joey515,

Have you tried contacting the WD Technical support?.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Did anyone get a solution yet, i cannot stop even backupping and it eats all the time 12 to 15% CPU usage !!