Wd backup download will not run on Windows 10

My 3T Book is not recognized by the WD backup software. i’m running Windows 10. It is a BRAND NEW drive out of the box. Support here is not any help and Geek squad does not have an answer. Wd support had me erase the backup drive which did not have any data on it i could tell and the suggested that the problem was because I needed to plug it directly into the wall socket. This did not change the fact that the drive was not recognized by the WD software. Help.

Check that the model number of your My Book is supported by WD Backup


This is on the list as being supported WDBBGB. The internal system indicated NTSF. Even the Geek Squad tech admitted that a lot of users were having this trouble. He mentioned something about a missing component in the downloads code which wouldn’t start the software - to the best of my recollection. Thanks for the first reply.

Instead of Geek Squad support and this ‘user to user’ forum (which is not a WD Support Forum)

Have your tried actually contacting WD Support directly ?

I thought that I had written that I had contacted them (WD), but after multiple calls to WD without resolution, I contacted another source - geek squad. I can’t be the only person having this trouble.

@Mike1951curling I am having the same issue. Have only purchased this HDD recently, ran the provided app, it updates, then it no longer recognises the HDD. Windows still does, but I specifically wanted to use the WD Backup software.
The firmware is up-to-date too.
WD Elements SE WDBJRT0040BBK - 0A

This is a real problem which obviously they cannot fix. In my last conversation and remote hookup with WD, the final conclusion from them was that “I would just have to live with it” That back up software for the WD drive would not run and the rep told me that I couldn’t use it. So much for their advertising claims. I had to set up - file history-backup via Windows to store any data on the WD drive. i can’t believe that Best Buy doesn’t remove that product from it’s selves.

Hello @Mike1951curling you really gonna make a call to Geek Squad Support Phone Number - a third-party system, As here We go:-

A few months later, I need instant help as I’m searching to buy Best Buy’s 55 “open box floor model TV. They” provided "the Geek Squad Total Assurance package as an alternative. I’m wondering what you guys believe about Geek Squad and if it’s a worthwhile purchase. Obviously that’s more subjective, but I’m asking for your private views??? Doesn’t dont sound good! right??/

The price for that package is $999.99. I know it’s a lot and I’m not inclined to pay for it but… how necessary is the TV calibration? Seems odd that a TV doesn’t already output it’s highest colour-pixel potential and it seems like a scam to have to pay $250 additional for this service (a la carte). How difficult is it to mount a television?

And just to throw this out there, I am not a techie and have a very basic understanding of all the intricacies of television. Then, accidentally I search it on google, and get another Geek Squad Support Phone Number @+1-866-748-5444, which really give me a satisfying service with an instant replay.

I trust that this reply will serve as the “FLAG” to whomever is monotoring this site to delete this post as it has not resolved this issue and resulted in extremely worthless replies. Obviously WD has an issue which they cannot resolve and do not wish to own up to.