WD backup does not stop

The backup worked fine previously, takes about 10 minutes if I backup every hour, but after my pc was upgraded to win 8.1, the backup does not stop anymore, “WD Backup Engine” keeps running for something, only manually disable backup or put pc to sleep then take it back on can stop the process. Can someone give me some advice how can I fix it? Thanks. 

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It would appear WD SmartWare is trying to copy a particular file but it is unable to. Do you see a yellow exclamation mark in the "Backup"tab when this happens? What is the status of the application on such moments? Is it categorizing the files or does it show an actual file being copied? Is the Backup Engine is displayed in the Windows Task Manager? If so, how active is it with regards to CPU use?


Thank you for your reply trancer, I am putting the answer in a sequence. 

  1. I don’t see yellow exclamation mark in the “Backup” tab

  2. I am not sure what does “status” of the application mean, when I click “Backup” tab, it shows “coping files” at the top left, but at the right corner, there is no “files not backed up yet” list

  3. I am using file backup, which contains a folder, and files under this folder are not opened forever(e.g. when I have a .doc file under this folder, the backup will kind of hanged there until I close the .doc) 

  4. the Backup Engine is displayed in Windows Task Manager, cpu is around 11%

Would this give you a clue? thanks. 

Trancer, I have a thought here which may not be correct, just my guessing - one of the differences between win 8 and win 8.1 is when you simply close an app e.g right click on the app and then click “close”, the app still stays in task manager, you have to move it to the bottom of your windows for maybe 10 secs, then the app is truely closed, this is a change made to suit for touchable screens, would this affect WD backup’s running? 

Even if the interface is visible no backup will be completed if a related process is terminated. In order to confirm if the issue is related to the file backup engine then I would suggest switching to category backup for testing.


Guess I find out the reason, but I do not know the cause. the WD backup engine is set to priority “low” by windows 8.1, if I change the priority to “above normal”, it takes about 15 minutes to finish the backup, but this has to be done manually everytime when the pc is rebooted.