WD Backup does not see my mapped network drives

I use up-to-date Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop, with 2 network drives accessible through my home wifi (F: and G:). I want to backup my laptop as well as my 2 mapped network drives. However, only my laptop drive (C:) appears when creating a backup plan in “WD Backup”.

How do I get WD Backup to see my mapped network drives so they can also be backed up?

Which WD NAS have you mapped on your network? WD Backup will not support a non-WD volume.

The drive I purchased yesterday and am using is: WDBCKA0080HBK-NA.
I have this drive connected directly to my Lenovo Windows 10 laptop through the USB-3 port.
The laptop is connected to my wifi.
The 2 folders on the network drive, which is also connected to my wifi, have been mapped to be drives F: and G:. Both appear in File Explorer and, via my laptop, I can open, copy and otherwise handle the files and folders in the 2 mapped drives.

Now I understand what the issue is. What you are trying to do is not going to work since WD Backup will not copy files from a network volume. It can only copy files from local volumes such as internal drives.

I was under the impression you had a WD NAS and WD Backup was not copying files to the network volume.

So, am I unable to backup the files from my network drive onto my WDBCKA0080?

I need to backup these files, how can I do so?

You’ll have to copy and paste those files into your USB drive, or use a different backup software. One that can use network volumes as a source.

To confirm: Do you mean using File Explorer, copy from my network drive and paste onto the WD drive (via it’s USB-3 connection to my laptop)?


Thanks. Got it.

@dpmrf Have you looked at the following, https://www.wdc.com/products/external-storage/my-book.html , it has a link to the User Manual.

I do not understand why this is not possible ?
It should only require a small update to the software to allow to take a back up from my NAS.

I do not like the fact that I cannot easily take a backup of the files on my WD My Cloud Home.

  1. The fast usb connection at the back of the WD My Cloud Home can only be used to copy files from external device to the WD My Cloud Home device. NOT from the WD My Cloud Home device to an external HD, such as my WD My passport.
  2. WD backup sofware cannot be used to automatically take a back up via the network of my WD My Cloud Home to my WD My passport.
  3. Copying all files (4TB) manually over the network (10MB/s) via Explorer, will need my laptop to be actively copying the files for ~5 days. During which nothing may go wrong and I cannot turn down my laptop.

All this makes it very user UNfriendly to take a back-up of my WD My Cloud Home. It is very prone to errors/and hard to do continuous maintenance.

Could you please help me to provide a useful solution to take a back-up of my WD My Cloud Home device ?

I would be very greatful!