WD Backup does not backup individual files

I have just purchased a 1 TB My Passport Ultra and installed the bundled software, including WD Backup. The very first backup took 4 hours for 20 GB. Subsequent backups take 4 minutes. Folders and files inside the folders are backed up, I deleted a test folder and was able to restore the test folder and the files inside it to the original location.

However, individual files (not in folders) are not backed up. For example, I have on my desktop individual jpg, png, pdf, csv files, none of them are backed up. Shortcuts are not backed up either. As another example, individual MS Word and txt files inside the Documents folder are not backed up.

The drive itself appears to be OK according to WD Drive Utilities. The drive passes the ‘Status Check’, ‘Quick Drive test’, and ‘Complete Drive Test’. I can also drag and drop individual files to the drive and delete them again.

Any idea why WD Backup does not backup individual files nor shortcuts?


The WD Backup wont perform the backup on shortcuts.

Make sure that those single files are not shortcuts.

As I very clearly mentioned, the individual files on the desktop, in the Documents folder, etc. are ACTUAL jpg, png, pdf, csv, MS Word, txt files that are NOT backed up by WD Backup.

It is too bad that WD Backup cannot backup shortcuts, but at least WD Backup ought to backup ACTUAL individual files.

Anyone has a solution?

Edit: I have uninstalled WD Backup and downloaded/installed a fresh copy directly from the WD download site, no luck, same problem. I am now looking for a different backup software :frowning: I wish you all better luck :smile: