WD Backup - Can I Backup More than One Computer?

I use the WD Backup software on My Passport.
My question is can I back up more than one harddrive, or will connecting My Passport to a second harddrive delete/overwrite a previous backup made of an earlier harddrive. For instance:

Original Backup:
Desktop named “Dad”
My Passport connects as “My Passport (N:)”
WD Backup makes a backup named "My Passport (N:)>WD Backup.swstor>Dad…etc…

Contemplated Additional Backup:
Laptop named “Mom”
My Passport connects as “My Passport (E:)”
Will WD Backup make a backup named "My Passport (E:)>WD Backup.swstor>Mom…etc…
AND leave the Original “Dad” backup untouched?

Thanks in advance for any reply.


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9509

Jonty.S, thanks for the reply, but I don’t find the answer in that link. But, I think the answer is no, one cannot backup more than one drive at a time. The reason I think this is true is because the WD Backup software creates a top folder called WDBackup.swstor in which it places the backed up ifle(s), and that means that if I tried to back up another (qualifying) drive, the original WDBackup.swstor would have to be deleted.
I guess the way to find out is to try. I can always back out if I have to do so.