WD Backup by NAS?

Hello all

I have a question for what I didnt found an answer, wheter by googling or in Forums like here. Maybe anyone can help me here.
If I make a daily backup of an windows-machine with the WD Backup Software, it is the software on this windows-machine who is initiating those backups, thats true, right?
Is it possible to make a NAS (EX2 in my example) is doing an update from a windows-machine in the same network?
I think thats generally impossible, no matter what NAS you use or what OS is working on that NAS, is that correct?
Thanks already now for any help in this Issue, that was an idea of my boss…

Regards Daniel

Hey @tom.bucher

WD Backup is not compatible with NAS devices.

However, WD SmartWare is, and it should allow you to backup files automatically!