WD Backup - always starts a full backup

I have two My Passport Ultras. I was using Smartware but it was completely unreliable, and would leave files not backed up. A couple of weeks ago, I removed it and installed WD Backup. It seemed to get the job done as far as backing up the files, but took a long time to accomplish. I can live with that.

I do not leave my drives attached…it’s just not an option. So over the weekend, I reattached one of the drives to back up whatever might have changed over time, and when I checked an hour later, it was starting a completely new backup. It’s a 2 TB drive, and at this rate the third backup won’t fit.

Isn’t this software only supposed to backup the additional or changed items? I think it’s called incremental…

If what it’s doing is normal behavior, I need to make another backup plan or buy a different brand of drive. Help???


You can only do ONE single backup job in WD Backup. It will backup any changed items since last backup (scheduled or manual).

OUR backup is 1 job, but backs up 2 drives. Our internal SSD Cdrive and our external USB Mdrive are backed up to an identical external USB Easystore 8tb.

Also, install as ADMIN . (see this doc)

Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?

Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox

It is working properly now, but I’m not sure what I did to fix it other than uninstall and reinstall the app. I can now hook up the drives when I please, start WD Backup, and after a few minutes, I can choose the drive I want, click on start backup, and it goes from there.