WD AV Expander and Direct TV HR21 Problems

Just purchased a WD 1TB AV DVR Expander, trying to hook it up as an external harddrive to a direct tv HR21 HD DVR.  The specs state it is compatible with this model.  But error message when it boots to the drive.  I have it hooked up via eSata cable.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

What’s the exact error message?

The error message is 14-761

That’s a DirecTV code number.  Have you called them?

Finally, success.  I tried another eSata cable and it worked, perhaps the one that came with the hard drive is faulty or isn’t compatible withe the DVR, but problem solved for now.

Thanks for the help

Faulty: Possibly…  Some of them are made “Differently” with more or less “Socket” length or whatever…

I had the same issue with an Antec eSata enclosure and its provided cable and my TiVo.