WD Auto Unlock missing from WD Security

When I installed the latest WD Security on my new pc, it was missing the WDDriveAutoUnlock executable file (and feature) while my old WD Security has it and it is working great on my older pc. Why did they remove it?
Thank you.

Not sure what is wrong, I have the same version and the feature is available. If you already have a password on the drive, remove it and then see if the option is there when you put a password back on the drive.

My drive automatically unlocks if I double click or run the WD Unlocker but the version used to have an executable file called “WDDriveAutoUnlock.exe” that runs on startup and auto unlocks the drive without the need of manually running the WD Unlocker (which then automatically unlocks my drive as set up in the settings).
So the workaround that seems to work (I didn’t have time to fully test it) is to copy the WDDriveAutoUnlock.exe from the older installation onto the new WD Security installation directory and adding it to my startup programs.
However, I would still wish for an official explanation or fix from WD.

Edit: My workaround does indeed work.

My first visit. Does WD not monitor this site to propose solutions ???