WD Apps won't connect to MBL Duo remotely

The WD2Go app will connect when I am logged into my home network but when I try to connect over the internet I get the message remote access is disabled. Remote access is not disabled, I have checked this and my devices are listed under the mobile devices.

Last night I did manage to connect via my iphone over 3G but today it is not working again.

Any ideas what could be causing the problem?

Have you tried changing the ports used by WD2go?

No I have not changed the ports, but I rebooted the router and at least at the moment remote access works.
I will check tomorrow if it still works.


After rebooting my router it seems that everything is working again now. I did get the “Device is offline” message once, but on the second attempt to connect it worked.

So I guess this problem is fixed.