WD Apps and Android 4 (a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich)

I provide technical support to users of both Acer Iconia TAB A100 (7" display) and A500 (10" display) tablet computers. Both models have been running WD 2go successfully under Android 3.2. Earlier this week, I upgraded an A100 to Android version 4.03, a major release popularly known as “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Sadly, there does appear to be an Android compatibility issue with WD 2go, specifically with Android version 4.03. I shall be watching closely to see if this has been corrected before Acer’s soon expected release of Android 4 for the Iconia TAB A500. If not, I may defer Android updates on that particular platform.

yeah… Ice Cream Sandwich is very popular now as must updates are

I think is not officially supported yet… but it should be soon

Any word on when ICS will be supported?  I just bought it and without an updated app, I may not keep the device.