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Need a lot of work on the windows app…  I have a lot of music that is single songs or 2 or 3 songs from albums.  the app lads them with no title or information.  It uses the sam jpg for  all of them… If the Album does not have a jpg assocated with it uses the same jpg that it uses for the single songs.  I 's telling me that I have 100 Doors albums with no title.  The windows 7  My Cloud does a mutch better job of informing you what is on the drive and what there is.   TheWD app does not give information on the folders other than pictures and music on the HD… What about the public folder and the back up folders??

Need a app for backing up the hard drives on the windows computer in the windows store.  I did not try out the WD app on Windows 8 or 8.1  I am using the Windows 10 Teck addision.  If this si all you can do there needs to be more work done onthe WD app.


If you are complaining about Windows 10 and that is what you are using then you have to accept what it will and will not do at this time. Windows 10 has not been completed and a final release made public.

I plan on updating both of my computers to Windows 10 once a final release is made. That will be the time to try everything out and complain if it is not working correct.

Until then I suggest you send your suggestions to Ideas.


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cat0w (USA)

Anyway to download the app other than truth the windows store??

The app is what I am complaint about not Win10   the app should be the one that is giving me the information not Win10  Like I said I do not have 8 but I have 8 bats which still works for 2 hr at a time but can’t get anything from the store. 

I am not sure which app you are talking about. For the Desktop app have you visited the Learning Center?

Is this the app you are talking about http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/wd/d04896e8-f364-4a31-9095-b786ba3a0336 (Windows)

Updated: If this is the one you are talking about then I suggest you contact Microsoft Windows and ask them why the app they are providing does not do what you want it too. See this link on the WD site about installing the WD app.


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cat0w (USA)