WD Anywhere Not Backing Up Large Files

I’m having trouble with a few large files in my WD backup.  The backup is working for many other files in the same folder and of the same file type, but there are two files which are just over 10Gbyte each which don’t ever get backed up.  WD Anywhere tries to back them up, but stops part way through, tries to verify them, and then tells me that the destination drive (My Passport) is full.  However, My Passport is not even close to being full - only about 20% used.  Is anyone else having this problem?  I couldn’t find anything to indicate a file size limit.

How do you have the drive you are backing up to formatted?  If it is FAT 32, then you will get that error - not enough memory.  FAT 32 file format has a 4 GB file size limitation.  You will need to backup whatever data you already have on the drive, then delete the partition, re-partition and format in NTFS.  Then, you should be able to back up those 10 GB size files.