"WD Anywhere cannot be run under this version of windows

I just purchased the 2TB My Book world addition (using Raid 1). I successfully backed up aprrox. 800GB onto  the drive but when I click on “VIEW AND RESTORE”  I get  an operating system not supported error box stating “WD Anywhere cannot be run under this version of windows”. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium  64 bit version. If it can’t be run under this operating system how was it able to back up everthing okay? Anybody got any idea as to what is going on. Or should I return it - it did take 10,  24 hour working days just to back up the 800GB. sloooooow!!!

We just bought and installed  a 1 TB MyWorldBook disk drive and get the same problem.   Our operating system is also the 64 bit version of windows 7 Home Premium.

Backup also seemed to be OK (although very slow), but any  attempt to run up the “VIEW AND RESTORE” utility returns the same “WD Anywhere cannot be run under this version of windows”.

If this software doesn’t support the 64 bit operating system variant that’s been in widespread use for over 12 months, then shame on WD for claiming Windows 7 compliance.  

Have you tried the helpdesk?

Guess I am not the only one! I went to the WD website and downloaded the latest version of WD Anywhere ( you have to register your dirve before they will allow you to do this) . It’s version 4.5 ( file is  wdab_4.50.6554.zip and is 90.1 MB) and it supports Windows 7. Its appears to have solved the problem for me. I hope it does for you as well.  CIAO!

thanks for information…

The download worked for me too. Thanks for the tip. Shame WD don’t tell you. Another problem I fuond on instal was that there was no text on any of the instal options on the CD - lucky I guessed right!

Had the same problem with no text. Guess we are both just lucky guessers!