WD Anywhere Backup

I have spent many hours on this so sorry if I missed the answer. I have a MODEL; WD20000H1NC-00 and I want to set a back up after a computer reinstall. I cannot find my original setup disk so I need the relevant program: WD Anywhere Backup. My windows 7 backup says I cannot use this drive: ( a shadow copy could not be created please check VSS and SPP application event logs for more information) error code; Ox 81000019 so I need my WD too organise the backup cycle. I cannot find this download with the wording you have used so I am hesitant know that I could upgrade and destroy my product with driver conflict. any help would be appreciated. thanks

Hi Guys.

I put the model number in the search and got the answer and download link. It did not show when I searched model pages. Maybe I missed it?

thanks anyway here is the link for other users

WD Anywhere

That is indeed the correct link. Once the hard drive is registered you should be able to download the application for free.