Wd anywhere backup

i have set it up to backup a folder on my c drive (my system drive).  I also asked it to backup my another drive I have called I:.  It warned me about not wanting to backup anb entire drive, but prroceeded to count up the folders and files, and show them in the list to be backed up.  It created a few empty foldersw and that’s it.

So I deletred the entry and added instead 6 folders from my I drive.  List again, correct total size… and nothing.

The backup program cranks away yet nothing from my I drive.

Does this program only backup files from 1 drive, or 1 drive per backup set?  Or is it broken?


I ended the program, restarted it.  It said GREEN LIGHT.  All is backed up.  18589 files 6.5 GB.  When I look on the backu drive, and do a check, there are 37489 files taking up 6.5 GB. 

Under items slected for backup, the total size is listed to be over 500GB which is CORRECT.  Why is it not backing up what it thinks it should?

Exclusions are…  Y, X, B, A drives,   program files… system files, etc etc…