WD Anywhere Backup when start backup?

Hi everyone,

I have a pc on my network that acts as server and it has WD Anywhere Backup installed on.

I have one question: does WD Anywhere Backup start to backup also if I don’t log in windows 7 with username and password?

Do I need access windows to begin backup?

waiting for your replies,


Hi dude!!

As far as I know, WDAB needs for the program to start in order for it to work, hence, it is unable to backup your files when you are not logged in… I could be wrong, but at least that’s how it works for me (7 Ultimate 32-bit)

Hope it helps!

hi thank you for your reply!

Have you any alternative software to use to backup data also if I don’t login into windows 7?

Probably it would be necessary something tath acts as service and not as software.